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Affordable Income Tax Preparation

Get answers to all of your taxing questions year-round

Let us answer your income tax questions!

Get year-round answers from an expert, along with affordable income tax prep.

Many people dread tax season for various reasons and prefer to leave everything to professional tax services. Individuals and small business owners in Northwest Washington and Southwest Oregon can feel confident leaving their tax preparation to the experts at Kevin R. Minkoff, CPA, PC.

Affordable Tax Preparation Services

Many people feel that they cannot afford professional tax preparation services. Kevin R. Minkoff, CPA, PC, provides tax preparation services that are easily affordable by most companies and individuals.

Pricing varies depending on the client and what forms and schedules must be prepared. In most cases, we are less expensive than H&R Block. Unlike them, we are available year-round to answer your tax questions.

For a more specific estimate, you will need to provide a copy of the prior year’s federal and state tax returns.