Non-cash Donations

Use this donation calculator to find, calculate, and document the value of non-cash donations. You can look up appliances, clothing, household goods, furniture, and more. You can scroll up and down the list by clicking inside the spreadsheet and using the arrow up or down or the Pg Up and Pg Dn buttons on your keyboard.

Entering Data

Enter the number of items you donate in the Qty columns. Your totals will reset when you do. If you don’t find a description of the items you donated, please prepare a separate list of those items with the quantity you donated and the total value of those items.

Exporting or Printing

You can print the table. Just choose “File” then “Export,” which allows you to download an Excel file of your donations, or “Print”. Next, click “Okay.” A new tab will appear in your browser with a PDF version of the completed spreadsheet. You can now print in your browser. Also, even if you enter no data, you can still print the sheet for a handy reference.