Welcome Instructions

How to Get Started with Your Online Account

This page contains instructions for logging into the NYOBC.com system the first time. The content here is essentially identical to what is in the email we sent to the initial batch of clients added to our system.

We have been hard at work in the 2022 off-season creating a secure online version of our Income Tax Organizer (ITO), and we think you’ll like it.

An account has already been created for you on our website, using your email address.

What You Should Do

1. Request a Password Reset:

When we created your account, you were assigned an arbitrary random password. Please reset your password to something you will remember.

Go to the Request a Password Reset page, here:

This is what you will see; enter your email address, and click the “Get New Password” button:

Form for requesting new password (password reset)


You will then see this message:

Confirmation telling you to check your email


2. Check your email inbox and click the link provided

Within minutes, you should receive an email with a special link for resetting your password. The special link expires in 24 hours, so be sure to click that link as soon as possible.

Here is what that email will look like:

Email with link for resetting password


Click on the link in the email.

3. Enter your new password

Clicking on the link in the email will send you to a page on our website that looks like this:

Here is where you would enter your new password.


Replace the automatically generated password with one you will remember, and click the “Save Password” button.

4. Log In:

After saving your new password, you will see this confirmation message with a link to “Log in”.

Confirmation that password has been reset


Click the “Log In” link and proceed to log in with your email address and new password. (If you are using a secure computer, you may want to tick the “Remember Me” box to stay logged in.) The login page will look like this:

Login screen


That’s It!

Going forward, you can log into our website by going to the site and clicking “NYOBC Login” in the main website menu.

How to log in going forward


Clicking that link will take you to this page:

Login screen


Enter your email and password and click the “Log In” button, and you’ll be logged in.

NYOBC Login Vs Firm360 Client Portal Login

Please note that the NYOBC Login is different from the Firm360 Client Portal Login.

  • The NYOBC Login logs you into our website and gives you access to the Income Tax Organizer (as described and pictured above).
  • The Firm360 Client Portal Login logs you into the Client Portal and gives you access to your Client Portal tax document library. You access the Firm360 Client Portal from the Contact menu on our website (see screen shot below):
How to log in to the Firm360 Client Portal


Questions or Problems?

If you have any questions or any problems, please contact Deanna at tax@nyobc.com, 503-252-3988 ext. 2.